Genetic Foresight is working toward a world where prescriptions are fully personalized to each patient. Once this is achieved, we believe therapeutic failure and adverse drug reactions can then be eliminated.

We provide clinicians with an analysis of a patient’s genetics, medical history, lifestyle, and a multitude of other factors that predict drug response enabling them to prescribe medications more safely and effectively.

Our Platform and Test:

Help clinicians personalize treatments to you
Incorporate established medical advice from reputable sources in real time
Update based on the latest scientific research, medical guidelines, and new drugs
Reduce financial burden by finding low-cost alternatives
Predict drug response based on hundreds of different factors including genetics
Maximize treatment effectiveness and prevent harmful drug interactions

Current Practice

Current Practice

Currently, prescribing is based on increasingly large amounts of qualitative information and operates on a 'one size fits all’ model. Patients provide a brief, subjective explanation of their symptoms and family history, and clinicians are tasked with prescribing based on this data. With 15+ different medications for some disorders all with 40 different factors influencing response, it is virtually impossible for clinicians to be able to navigate all the data. Without genetic insight and effective decision support for doctors, ineffective prescriptions, adverse drug reactions, or even fatalities can occur.

Our Solution
Current Practice

Genetic Foresight’s Prescription Decision Support Platform works side-by-side with clinicians to quickly view the entire treatment landscape for a patient: every treatment option displayed with all patient-specific warnings listed clearly, based on the patient's genetic and medical profile. This allows clinicians to incorporate thousands of peer reviewed articles, FDA warnings, scientific organization guidelines, and known interactions into their prescriptions within seconds.

Prescription Decision Support Platform

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