About Us

Genetic Foresight’s mission is to prevent adverse drug reactions, increase therapeutic success rates, and minimize healthcare costs by enabling clinicians to make informed decisions.

Founded in 2016, Genetic Foresight provides a genetic test that sequences targeted segments of patients' genomes as well as a comprehensive prescription decision platform that incorporates drug-genome, drug-drug, drug-disease, personal health, lifestyle, and medical and family histories to predict drug response. This allows the clinician to more safely and effectively prescribe medication based on the patient. The report is updated based on newly generated research, newly created drugs, and newly prescribed drugs, making it a lifetime test.

We aim to prevent serious or fatal health complications from adverse drug reactions by personalizing patient prescriptions.

Why Genetic Foresight?

Genetic Foresight provides an extensive knowledge base compiled from genetics experts, lab directors, and scientific organizations. We are the only service on the market right now that combines pharmacogenomics, medical history, and pricing in our prescription decision system. Our services calculate individuals' risks for thousands of drug-genome, drug-drug, and drug-disease interactions applicable for a lifetime. We also provide an online web portal that gives clinicians convenient access to clients' reports, enabling them to make informed decisions when prescribing medications.

Is Genetic Foresight
For You?

If you will use prescription medicine at any point in your life, our genetic test and prescription decision platform have value for you. Our test results are applicable to an array of fields including psychiatry, oncology, cardiology, and everyday medication. With our constantly updating software and database, one test is all you need for the rest of your life. We provide your doctor with the most important information about you so he or she can make the most effective treatment decisions. To find out more information about our test, click here.

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