If Drugs Represented the Entertainment Industry

July 18, 2017 | Genetic Foresight, Inc.

Before, when television sets vaguely resembled large, bulky cubes, shows and media were created to appeal to broad, general audiences. The term “niche viewer population” was almost unheard of; instead, producers strove to create series such as Friends that provided as much entertainment to single males as suburban families. Now however, the media production industry has shifted to relish targeted audiences. Companies purposefully create several versions of advertisements to attract different ethnic and age groups, and shows such as Mad Men are carried on almost infinitely to continue entertaining its particular crowd of viewers.

Today, a larger, more urgent, more archaic market is on the cusp of a similar golden age: pharmaceuticals. In the past, those in need of medical care sought the expertise of general physicians to prescribe common medication. However, the 21st century is posed for an entirely different approach. Similar to the craze of targeted media, healthcare is reaching unparalleled heights of individualized attention and prescription. With an increasing array of specialized physician offices ranging from dermatologists to cardiologists, people are finally beginning to appreciate the need for niche markets and, naturally, niche drugs.

As genetic data begins accumulating, pharmaceutical companies will face increased pressure to create even more “precise” precision medicine. As with new media, there will be a similar understanding that the more specialized a drug is, the fewer side effects it will induce and the more effective it will be.

Genetic Foresight envisions something new: the perfect medication and treatment plan. We seek a world in which adverse drug reactions are entirely eliminated, and work tirelessly to expedite the prescription of medications tailored to each individual’s unique genome, current medications, and diseases.

Scientists acknowledge pharmacogenomics as a distant solution to the personalized medication and accelerated wellbeing of all patients. Genetic Foresight is making that vision a reality today. Join us as we revolutionize the healthcare industry to provide for more accurate, practical, and tangible improvements.

Genetic Foresight, Inc.

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