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July 18, 2017 | Genetic Foresight, Inc.

As more and more devices start recording our day-to-day activities, the data gained will be invaluable. Data will be as valuable as currency when it comes to your health. The Apple watch can already detect atrial fibrillation. The trend of wearables and other IOT devices is a trend that is just starting and is going to exponentially increase. The data obtained from these devices will make it easier to make data driven decisions and personalize treatment to patients. Making medical decisions will be less of a shot in the dark and based on concrete data. This is not happening in the future, it is happening now, and it starts with our genetic test.

The future of medicine will be personalized to you. The coming paradigm shift in medicine is not only in treatment, but also prevention of illnesses. With large bodies of data incoming from multiple streams, predictive analytics can be leveraged allowing practices of preventative medicine. Making predictions based on patient data could save a tremendous amount of money. For example, with depression, a patient will often be prescribed an antidepressant to try for four to six weeks. Many times the drug is not effective or has undesired side effects. Making a decision based on genetic data would show which drugs would be optimal for the patient's genetics. Offering a more tailored treatment will decrease time spent searching for the best treatment as well as drastically reduce the cost for all parties involved: hospitals, patients, and insurance companies. The future of medicine is changing right now, and we are happy to be at the forefront of innovation of providing better, more efficient care.

Pharmacogenetic data will not only play a big role in patient care but also research and development in the medical field. The use of big data in health stretches far beyond just personalizing care for patients; today, the development of innovative new treatments and drugs is an exciting, cutting-edge area for big data to be employed. Analyzing the genetic information and studying medication responses in specific populations will allow new drugs targeting certain genetic mutations to be developed. The use of genetic data in the development and FDA approval of new drugs will be pivotal in creating drugs that are far more safe and effective. By offering predictive analysis on new drugs being developed, a better understanding of the safety of the drug can be developed before being available to be prescribed to patients. 100,000 people die every year from preventable adverse drug reactions - by creating more personalized therapies we can reduce this figure significantly. That's a future we envision here at Genetic Foresight.

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