Q: What is Genetic Foresight?
A: Genetic Foresight is a clinical decision support platform that determines the safety and effectiveness of medications for you based on potential drug-genome, drug-allergy, drug-disease drug-lifestyle and drug-drug interactions that may occur in your body from prescriptions or medical disorders. This report takes all of these factors and more into account and personalizes treatment.

Q: How often do I need to take the test?
A: Genetic Foresight works with experts to continuously scan new scientific research, medical guidelines, and newly created drugs to ensure that your personal report is kept up to date with the latest information. Since your genome doesn’t change, you only need to take the test once.

Q: What do my genes have to do with medication?
A: Your genes determine how your body will respond to medications. In certain cases, a genetic mutation can lead to improper metabolism of a drug, resulting in an adverse reaction. Additionally, mutations can lead to medications not being metabolized at all; this results in a drug being ineffective.

Q: Why should I trust this test?
A: Please check our Validation Page on why you should trust this test.

Q: Is the test invasive?
A: The test is very simple and noninvasive. Your DNA is collected through a saliva sample in under five minutes. Then, either you or your clinician's office will send the kit to our lab.

Q: Is the test covered by insurance?
A: Yes, covered in times of medical necessity (includes cardiac conditions and depression among many others). For more details please reach out to us.

Q: Are my results confidential?
A: Yes, all medical information is stored and protected according to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and GINA (Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act) that ensure the security of your personal and genetic information.

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Q: How does the genetic part of Genetic Foresight’s test work?
A: Once you send a saliva swab to our partner lab, Genetic Foresight’s software takes the sequencing data and examines a patient’s genetic code at targeted locations. Different genetic codes at these locations indicate how that individual will metabolize certain pharmaceutical drugs, this is called their phenotype. Knowing the metabolic and absorption rate, proper dosing guidelines are established for the individual. Thus, clinicians are now able to provide safer and more effective prescriptions.

Q: When should I test a patient?
A: Ideally, this test can be given before a patient is administered a medication to minimize risk of adverse reactions and therapeutic failure. However, if a patient is on a medication already and is expressing reduced response or adverse side effects, then our report can provide clinical decision support in selecting an alternative or changing the dosage. Once a patient has taken the test, you will have access to their genetic information for the rest of their life. It is a one-time test that will be updated throughout a patient’s lifetime based on newly created research, newly created drugs, and changes in the patient's prescriptions.

Q: How do I implement this into my office?
A: Simply contact us here and we will send you saliva sample collection kits and give you (free) access to our web portal. The kits have simple, easy to follow instructions and the portal has straightforward, easy to answer questions regarding your patient's lifestyle, demographics, current medications and drug allergies. After the sample is collected, simply ship the kit back to us in a pre-paid postal service box. Soon after we get the sample, we will securely and electronically transmit your patient’s report to you. This report can be accessed via your electronic medical record (depending on your provider) or our web portal in conjunction with the other data you previously entered (lifestyle, allergies, etc.), allowing you to prescribe the safest and most effective medication.

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