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What Is It?

One of the strongest factors in drug response is genetics. We offer a pharmacogenetic test to patients that allows clinicians to more effectively tailor treatment therapy. This incorporates clinically actionable information as to how a patient will metabolize, transport, and absorb different drugs.

How It Works

Genetic Foresight receives the patient's saliva sample from his or her clinician. Our test interprets the patient’s genetic information at clinically relevant locations reporting his or her risk for the most commonly used medications.This information is automatically integrated into the Genetic Foresight Prescription Decision Support Platform allowing clinicians to make safer and more effective prescriptions for the patient.

Our Platform

The Genetic Foresight Prescription Decision Support Platform provides clinicians with real time actionable insights on medications for a specific patient. This is accomplished by integrating existing, evidence-backed treatment recommendation algorithms with pricing and patient-specific data that affect drug response, such as genetics, lifestyle, medical and family histories. The provided information aids clinicians by reducing prescribing time, minimizing cost, and maximizing safety and efficacy of drugs.

This information consistently updates based on new clinical research, newly created drugs, and new prescriptions a patient is given.

Prescription Decision Support

Our prescribing system synthesizes patient medical, lifestyle, and genetic information with FDA drug data to recommend the best treatment choices. Annotated warning levels make clear to the clinician the rationale and research behind the recommendations. The goal is not to replace clinical judgment, but assemble the important and relevant patient, drug and research data into one place so that the clinician can quickly make informed decisions.

Our PDS platform includes:

  • Streamlined checking of patient medical history to identify prescription algorithm factors specific to each disease
  • Ordered prescription recommendations based off of precaution warning levels and organized for the clinician’s ease
  • Relevant information such as family history, past allergies, lifestyle risk factors, and drug pricing

Drug-Genome Interactions

Your genetic profile determines how your body will metabolize, absorb, and transport medications. Some individuals are genetically predisposed to have difficulties processing certain drugs; this can lead to very serious adverse drug reactions.

Our test offers the following features:

  • Analyzes medically relevant genetic segments in 19 different genes
  • Provides you and your clinician with a clinically actionable report
  • Covers over 150 medications, or over 80% of medications with relevant clinical information

Drug-Drug Interactions

Drugs can interact with each other in a number of ways. Most commonly an individual will take multiple medications with components metabolized by the same enzymes in the body, which may increase risk the side effects. Another common problem occurs when the medications counter each other by performing opposite tasks at the chemical level.

Our test offers the following features:

  • Warns clinicians of interactions between current and future prescription drugs
  • Allows clinicians to clearly identify potential negative drug interactions before prescribing pharmaceuticals to patients

Drug-Disease Interactions

A disease can limit the effectiveness of a medication if it prevents the body’s enzymes from metabolizing that drug. Even individuals with common medical conditions such as asthma and diabetes put themselves at risk by taking certain medications.

Our test offers the following feature:

  • Incorporates the patient’s full medical history into the report ensuring the highest degree of protection and personalization

Dynamic Reporting

Since your genetic profile remains the same throughout your lifetime, we are able to update your report based on new information, new drugs, and new prescriptions you are given.

Our test offers the following features:

  • Grants the individual a lifetime healthcare protection plan for preventing adverse drug reactions
  • Lifetime guarantee of improved medication efficiency
  • Decreases healthcare costs by preventing purchases of ineffective drugs

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