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Scientific Advisory Board

Wolfgang Sadee


Dr. Wolfgang Sadee is Felts Mercer Professor of Medicine and Pharmacology, in the Department of Cancer Biology and Genetics, College of Medicine, the Ohio State University, Columbus OH, and Director, Center for Pharmacogenomics, with adjunct appointments in Psychiatry, Pharmacy, and Public Health, and member of the Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute, and OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center. With a doctorate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, FU Berlin, he served on the faculty of USC and UCSF until 2002. Dr. Sadee’s research focuses on discovery of genetic variants affecting disease risk and drug response, as biomarkers for individualized therapy. He also has developed candidate drugs for treatment of opioid adverse effects and addiction, and neonatal abstinence syndrome. Dr. Sadee has ~400 publications and several patents. He is founding editor of Pharmaceutical Research and The AAPS Journal, and has received several awards, e.g., Distinguished Scientist Award from the AAPS.
Some of Dr. Sadee's research can be found on PubMed.

Matthew Ogdie


Matthew has conducted genetic research into the genes underlying neurobehavioral disease at many prominent institutions, including UCLA, Oxford University, The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, MGH, and Harvard Medical School. He conducted his PhD in Human Genetics at UCLA and Oxford, studying the genetics of psychiatric disease, including the world’s largest genome-wide scan in ADHD and the discovery of multiple susceptibility genes in both ADHD and Autism. His post-doctoral research at The Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard and MGH/Harvard Medical School (HMS), focused on the pharmacogenetics of Bipolar disorder and Schizophrenia, and the development of gene expression signatures to identify novel pharmaceutical compounds in high throughput screening of chemical libraries. During his academic career, he has made significant contributions to Human genetics, particularly in high- throughput genetic screening, molecular assay development, and computational methodology. Matthew’s industry experience includes the development of molecular diagnostics for many diseases (Business Development Associate and Research Associate at InnoGenex Inc.) and the development of bioinformatics pipelines for de-novo genome sequencing and Next-Gen expression analysis (Senior Scientist at cBio Inc.). He has developed a deep experience and passion for mapping the genes that make us tick. In 2012, he co-founded Virtus Genetics, Inc., a molecular diagnostic company dedicated to pharmacogenetics in psychiatric disorders, and served as CSO until 2015. Fascinated by the entrepreneurial mindset, he joined Hub and Spoke Ventures as the CSO in 2015 and continues to pursue innovation in the Biotech and Software industries.

Mahesh Rajamani


Dr. Mahesh Rajamani completed his medical training in the six years accelerated BA/MD program at the University of Missouri in Kansas City. Upon completion in 2012, Dr. Raj pursued a career in clinical research with an expertise in neuropsychiatry. He is an expert in pharmacological, device, and pharmacogenomics/genetics clinical studies. His passion is to help cultivate a new and different approach to medicine. He strongly believes in individualized medicine as each and every person is different. He is on his way to completing his Masters in Business Administration with a specialty in Health Care Management. In his past time, Dr. Raj, enjoys computer technology, operating systems, medical information systems and its applications, sports (Tennis, Football, Hockey, Basketball, Cricket), and video games.

Advisory Board

Hon Wong


As a founder, executive, angel investor, and active board member of technology start-ups, Hon has led multiple start-ups through their entire life-cycle from conception and growth to exits through IPOs and M&As. Hon has extensive hands-on experience with all aspects of the start-up process. He has worked with and guided many management teams through the challenges faced by all technology start-ups. These include fund raising, team building, competitive positioning, market and partnership development, pivoting, and go to market strategy formation and execution. Hon has worked with enterprise software, SaaS, cloud infrastructure and manufacturing service companies. Today, Hon sits on the board of a number of technology companies. Prior, Hon was EVP of marketing and business development at Coradiant. He also co-founded Ecosystems, NetIQ, Digital Market, Centrify, and sat on the board of many companies, including Relevant Technologies (Flextronics). Early in his career, he was a product manager at Intel and 3Com.

Jordan Epstein

Jordan Epstein is the CEO and founder of Stroll Health, a startup based in San Francisco which makes software applications to enable doctors to deliver and consumers to get to affordable health care. He has served as an expert witness to the US House of Representatives on mobile and digital health technology, and represented the United States as the keynote speaker at the World Health Congress in China. Prior to Stroll, Mr. Epstein led product for NICE’s SMB Performance Management line. He also designed and implemented multi-million dollar SaaS cloud business intelligence projects for Chase, United Healthcare, Delta, and Kaiser prior to NICE’s acquisition of Merced Systems.

Medical Advisory Board

Susan Van Cleve


Dr. Susan Van Cleve has been a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner for more than 35 years and has extensive experience working with children and families in primary care settings as well as with children with special needs. She joined the University of Iowa College of Nursing in 2016 as a Clinical Professor and the Director of the Primary Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program. She previously held positions as an Assistant Professor and Director of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program at the Yale University School of Nursing from 1983-1992, the Director of the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Program at the University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing from 1993-2003, and as an Associate Professor of Nursing (2010-2016) and Director of the DNP Program (2014-2015) at Robert Morris University. Dr Van Cleve’s clinical practice includes experience in pediatric primary care, working with sexually abused children, children with Down syndrome, and with children with developmental, behavioral and mental health disorders. She has held leadership positions in many local, state and national nursing organizations, including President and co-founder of the Three Rivers National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) Chapter in Pittsburgh in 1995, President of the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board from 2000-2002, and President Elect, President and Immediate Past President of NAPNAP from 2011- 2014. Dr. Van Cleve also works part time in an integrated model as a Pediatric Mental Health Specialist in a private pediatric practice in Pittsburgh where she provides comprehensive assessment and treatment to children and teens with developmental, behavioral and mental health disorders.

Bijay Acharya


Dr. Bijay Acharya is a practicing clinician at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Instructor in Medicine at the Harvard Medical School. He recently completed the HMS/CRICO Fellowship in Patient Safety and Quality and graduated from the Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health with an MPH in Health Management. Bijay completed his medical school at BPKIHS in Nepal and his Internal Medicine Residency training at the Bronx­Lebanon Hospital in the South Bronx, NY. His focus is on developing capacity in healthcare institutions in Nepal by identifying and implementing quality improvement initiatives. He is a co-founder of NyayaHealth Nepal/ Possible, sits on the board of America Nepal Medical Foundation and co-founded Sharedminds that runs hospitals in two rural districts in Nepal, works to advance medical training and promotes mental health training in primary care respectively. He currently leads the MGH Medication Safety and Quality team and has done consulting work for the World Health Organization’ Patient Safety Unit.

Saeid Gholami


Dr. Saeid Gholami is a physician, researcher, and entrepreneur. He finished his residency at a Weill Cornell affiliated hospital. Before that, Saeid had been a researcher at the Department of Radiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania where he worked on molecular imaging and its role in personalized medicine. Saeid’s background in research and in the clinic has taught him that medicine is ready for another big step forward toward personalized patient management systems. His goal is to get patients to the best care that they deserve. He is passionate about innovations which can improve patient-doctor, patient-patient, and patient-caregiver communication. He believes that we must empower patients, if we want the best outcome in health.